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De Griffel
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General antiquarian and secondhand bookshop with a large department specialised in Dutch and Flemish literature. De Griffel has been established in 1987, in the early days of the Belgian book village of Redu. It has always maintained a high standard in modern first editions, art books and world literature. The shop is well known for its large stock on Dutch and Flemish authors.
Every year, on the sunday before Easter, De Griffel organises a public book auction in the townhall of Redu. This event marks the start of the tourist season, which runs from April till October. The catalogue may be obtained by phone or fax. Open in weekends and schoolholidays from 10.00 to 18.00 hrs and by appointment.

Magda Stoops
34, rue de Transinne
B - 6890 REDU

Phone: +32 - (0) 61 - 655251
Fax: +32 - (0) 61 - 658138
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